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Listed below are gyms in the area that work with persons with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities.

Adaptive Training Foundation

ATF empowers those with physical disabilities to transform their lives through exercise and community.

APEC provides training for kids, athletes, veterans and adults to help them realize their values and abilities and strive to be their best.

When it comes to personal and group training for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities, Crull Fitness trainers are experienced with children and adults with more than 15 years. We train the Champions just like we train everyone else. Our trainers focus on what can be accomplished instead of what can’t!


The Neuro Fitness Foundation helps people with neurological challenges maintain health, fitness, and independence. Insurance runs out – we don’t. NeuroFit Gym is the place to come for exercise, physical and mental conditioning at a very low monthly cost. Join others who share similar conditions and feelings who are working to improve their health, strength and independence. 

This group promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities within the CrossFit setting. They provide knowledge, training and resources to prepare CrossFit coaches adapt forms of fitness in their training environments in order to provide experiences and outcomes for athlete with disabilities. 

React Neuro Rehab.png

REACT is a community-based adaptive fitness and recovery center where certified strength coaches, therapists, researchers, students and volunteers work together to apply advances in neuroscience and strength training.

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