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Lonestar PVA Bowling League

League Details

  • We will be bowling in Bowlero in Euless, TX ( 1901 W. Airport Fwy)  (817.540.0303)

  • This is adult league and requires all bowlers to be at least 18 years of age.

  • We will bowl in 2 person teams. Able-bodied bowlers are welcome.

  • We will be bowling on the fourth Sunday of each month beginning 2/25/2024.

  • Dates for the Spring League: 2/25, 3/24, 4/28, 5/26, 6/23, 7/28.

  • 6 games will be bowled each Sunday.

  • League fees are $40 per bowler each session. ($36 goes to Bowlero and $4 into the prize fund.) League fees will be paid at the Bowlero desk either before or after bowling on Sunday. Your account must be current in order to bowl.

  • Practice starts at 2:30 pm and bowling starts at 2:40 pm.

  • The only exception is the first Sunday, 2/25, where we will have a league meeting, collect required paperwork, and answer questions.  This meeting will begin at 2:00 pm sharp which only provides 30 minutes before practice at 2:30.

  • The league will be sanctioned with the USBC. All bowlers are required to be a member of USBC.  The cost is $25 / year.  Please register and get your USBC number at

  • Missed sessions must be made up as a team within 10 days of the scheduled session. Sessions can also be pre-bowled if the team is unable to make an upcoming scheduled date. The earliest a session may be pre-bowled is the Monday after the prior scheduled session. Make-ups and Pre-bowls can be done in two sessions of 3 games each to better handle scheduling during the week. Please contact Bowlero to schedule these sessions. Two days' notice is required.

  • You may practice on your own at any Bowlero for $2.99 per game.

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